Monday, November 8, 2010

Custom 24 bit screens for LCDeVF

On Friday 5th we managed to sucessfully assemble and test few custom LCD modules for the upcoming EVF. These unique high resolution hybrid displays will be modified and assembled in-house by our staff.
These are at the time being unique on the market.


  1. How is it going on ?

    Are the screens up to what you have expected ?

  2. For rough comparison the screens are up to iPhone 4 quality. 16 millions of colors, high brightness at good viewing angles. We haven't been able to even see a better looking small 3" LCD screen(s) (NEC 2.7 probably is but at $900 retail we can't afford these). Our custom lamination technique offers additional viewing benefits and further protection.

  3. Oh man.... 5 months is just too much to wait :-|


    All the best for you guy... my LCDVF 3/2 is absolutely TOP-NOTCH-MUST-HAVE-INVESTMENT-FOR-EVERY-DSLR-SHOOTER-OUT-THERE !!!

    BTW : how be I be informed of any progress you guys are making ?