Thursday, September 16, 2010

Suggestions and requests (ext)

All the feature, functionality and mechanics suggestions and requests will be grouped to this post.

1. Peaking, followed by  Zebras are the most requested features.

Q: I'm assuming this will be a small 3" LCD monitor that it will be sold separately as well as in a kit with an LCDVF so that those of us that already have an LCDVF don't have to purchase again?
A: We will try hard to offer all the interfacing options for the existing LCD viewfinders, be it ours or some other popular one.

R: Fast switching HDMI signal from 1080 to 480 when you hit record (for 5D MKII and 550D/T2i)?
A: we are working on it to be as fast as technically possible.

R: HDMI passthrough or was it called loopthrough?
A: We will call it loopthrough and it will be there. Albeit we will not recommend using our LCDeVF as HDMI splitter whenever possible as it will consume some extra power and the HDMI cabling and sockets are not the most durable due to the nature of the HDMI standard (19 threads in a cable!).

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