Sunday, November 21, 2010

On-board batteries or not?

EDIT (09.12.10): On-board batteries + DC input it is then

From the beginning of the LCDeVF project we have had the idea of using on board batteries but (unfortunately?) testing so far has shown that if no on board battery or batteries are used the overall durability is increased.

Considerations for moving to external power only:
  • Most professionals use external and universal powering via external batteries already instead of multiple (HDSLR) camera batteries.
  • External V-Mount type battery for example offers day(s) of continuous operation.
  • More durable, rugged
  • Weight reduction by ca 75% offers greater balance (to reduce leaning to the left, minor).
  • 50% more compact (shorter).
  • Can implement a really good and universal power supply unit that could accommodate very different voltage supplies.
  • One external battery can power all the  system componets from camera to light to external audio recorder not to mention external LCD monitor and of course the electronic viewfinder - one charger, few batteries and off we go.
  • Requires external battery (additional cost if customer doesn't already own a one).

So, the question remains wether or not customers are willing to use external power?

External batter/charger options start from $30 and in case of complete IDX V-Mount production system might cost up to $900 or more.


  1. External is good, but you will need to supply a cost effective d-tap cable.


  2. What would the external power options be? I still run my 5D off seven standard batteries which always gets me through the days shoot, not wanting to switch to more cumbersome options like the Switronix battery pack. I also have never wanted to add the weight/ hassle/ cost of a monitor to the camera (although I'm tempted by the new 5" monitors) so the addition of a separate power source just for the EVF would really put me off. If it was cheap, and fairly lightweight however, and I could fit it onto a light rig, I'd make it work. I use the LCDVD, and am sure you'll come up with a very sensible and cost effective EVF, but I'd never go near paying $900 to power it.

    Having said all that, I'd not want to buy it if it had only one single attached rechargeable onboard power option, as if it ran out mid shoot it'd be useless. Perhaps an option could be a slot for classic Sony style rectangular brick batteries like those found on the Z1 camera? I know that many monitors, including Marshalls, run off these, and they are pretty widely available and cheap. They are fairly heavy, but If the actual evf was light it wouldn't be too much of an issue. Either way, I'm not sure I want to have to carry around an Anton Bauer in my kit just for the EVF, please whatever you decide make it cost effective and as reasonably portable as possible

  3. Will do that, don't worry.
    The base model will have standard interchangeable batteries with speed-change cartiges (two included). As well as external DC input option - so everyone will be happy.

  4. Sounds grand, looking forward to the release. Beat Redrock to the chase, please!