Monday, June 7, 2010

Design considerations

The main design considerations for LCDeVF

  • All standard features such as peaking and zebras (focus and exposure assist)
  • HDMI loopthrough > port damage
  • On-board batteries > what happened in Malawi?
  • External DC input > again
  • Universal mountig options > damage and rotation, on side and on top?
  • Compatibility with all the "legacy" viewfinders + upcoming Cambo

    LCD screen features:
    • Horizontal screen resolution at least 800 pixels and over 300 pixels per inch. 
    • 24bit color 
    • High brightness
    • Good viewing angle
    • Fast refresh rate

    • Pre configured SOC (ST, ADI) or a custom solution?
    • What chipsets and solutions are used in Thomson and Panasonic P2 Pro line camcorders for monitoring and signal processing?
    • Power supply (features vs power consumption, economy mode)

    Mechanical design:
    • Cable routing!
    • Splash and dust proof?
    • IC Cooling? (if needed)
    • Drop/shock resistance > aluminum versus modern thermoplastics < fracture when dropped
    • To what EVF design most customers are accustomed to? (by release dade)
    • Classic EVF look or something new? Sony 801 vs Sony EX3 etc...

      Optical module:
      • Achromatic doublet or aspheric lens, depends on screen diagonal
      • Allow the use of standard 50mm diameter anti fog sheet/foil ($4 per piece)
      • ENG viewfinder style diopter adjustment > fast, to avoid eye accommodation to false diopter setting < the most common cause of eyestrain
      • interface for interchangeable skirts
      • Should not change it's length to avoid reconfiguring the position (for different operators)

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